Protection of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic  – United States Department of State

We are deeply concerned by the Kyrgyz Republic’s enactment of the so-called “Foreign Representatives” bill into law, which puts at risk the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are essential to a more democratic and inclusive Kyrgyz Republic. This is the latest in a series of Kyrgyz government actions that have undermined democratic governance and civil society. 

NGOs play a critical role in linking government and the community to improve the welfare of all Kyrgyzstanis. The “Foreign Representatives” law will place undue burdens on NGOs and has the potential to limit or end the operation of organizations that are delivering critical assistance to the Kyrgyz people – including U.S. assistance that is implemented by local and international NGOs. Restricting the work of these organizations and allowing for unbridled government interference in their operations could prevent the provision of U.S. assistance that improves health care and education, strengthens the rule of law, improves delivery of public services, and expands economic opportunity for Kyrgyzstanis. This work is integral to achieving our shared goal of a prosperous and successful Kyrgyz Republic.  

It is in our shared interest to support effective democratic governance and civil society, and by so doing, contribute to strengthening peace and security. We will continue to engage with the Kyrgyz government on protecting civil society and defending fundamental freedoms. 

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