Thief gave police false ID to avoid arrest in Colma

(KRON) – A woman was arrested after giving police false identification and stealing from a business, according to the Colma Police Department.

Colma police officers were conducting a passing check of a business on Colma Boulevard around 8:44 p.m. on April 9. 

Officers activated their emergency overhead lights once they witnessed a loss prevention officer attempting to detain a woman for stealing items. The woman fled back into the store to evade police, however, the officer caught up to the suspect and detained her. 

According to police, the suspect stole approximately $349.46 worth of merchandise. 

As the suspect was being arrested, the officer asked if she had any form of identification, to which the suspect said she did not. The officers asked the suspect for her date of birth and name. Police said the name the suspect provided did not align with the DMV picture officers saw. 

The officer located several credit cards in the suspect’s wallet with a different name, according to police. The officers asked the suspect if the credit cards belonged to her and she denied it. 

Colma dispatch was able to confirm the name of the credit cards was the suspect’s actual name. The suspect was identified as 35-year-old San Francisco resident Tammy Dang. 

According to the police investigation, Dang had an out-of-county, felony warrant for her arrest.

Tammy Dang was arrested and booked into the San Mateo County Jail for petty theft, giving false identification to a peace officer and her felony warrant.

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