Fallout Creatures Reimagined as Pokemon

An artistic fan creates Pokemon versions of two popular Fallout creatures, with each one receiving two versions with different color schemes.

An artistic fan created detailed, Pokemon-themed designs of two popular Fallout creatures: the Radroach and Mole Rat. The popular franchises make for a powerful and surprisingly fitting crossover, with Fallout in particular booming over the last week.

Following the premiere of Amazon’s TV show, player counts across the entire Fallout franchise have noticeably increased, with Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 seeing the highest numbers. Amazon’s show includes a variety of Fallout creatures, like Ghouls and Brahmin. One of the franchise’s oldest bugs, Radroaches, is seen as well, and one fan drew inspiration from the post-apocalyptic RPG series to create original artwork that has already impressed others.

Reddit user rc1246 posted a series of images to the Pokemon subreddit that showed off their Radroach and Mole Rat designs. The creatures take on a Pokemon-inspired appearance that would not seem out of place within Game Freak’s legendary franchise while still paying homage to their original Fallout look. Each creature has two versions, with the Radroach featuring a brown and a green design, and the Mole Rat featuring a pink and a green design. The fan has not yet created names for the new Pokemon but confirmed they plan to draw more. One commenter requested other popular Fallout creatures like Deathclaws and Mirelurks to receive rc1246’s Pokemon makeover, but the artist has not revealed which creatures are next.

Fallout’s Mole Rat and Radroach Get the Pokemon Treatment

The artist could draw inspiration from some of the creatures included in Fallout‘s new show, such as the Yao Guai irradiated bear or the “abomination,” which was a brand-new creation for Amazon’s production. One character referred to the abomination as a Gulper, a name fans probably recognize from Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC, but its design in the show is entirely different.

Last year, another fan took the opposite approach with the two franchises by creating a Mewtwo wearing Fallout gear. In the artwork, the legendary Pokemon dons the iconic Pip-Boy and a Vault 87 leather jacket. That vault is a lore-respecting choice as it was one of the first locations where FEV was spread, suggesting that Mewtwo is a mutated creature similar to others in the series.

As for recent Fallout news, Fallout 4 receives a major update on April 25 that adds native support for the newest generation of consoles, which could boost its player numbers even further. On the same day, the game’s PC edition receives widescreen and ultra-widescreen support along with bug fixes for quests and the Creation Kit.


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