Mount Ruang Volcano Erupts in Indonesia, Forcing Lots of to Evacuate

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago nation. It’s unfold throughout what is called the Ring of Hearth, the place tectonic plates conflict beneath the floor of the Pacific Ocean and spawn earthquakes and eruptions from volcanoes.

Mount Ruang is a stratovolcano, or a steep, conical volcano that has constructed up over years in layers from explosive eruptions of lava, rock fragments, ash and different properties.

“It’s in part of the world the place there are loads of lively volcanoes,” mentioned Dr. Tracy Ok.P. Gregg, who chairs the geology division on the College at Buffalo.

Its final main eruption was in 2002, when the column of lava and ash that it spewed reached as much as 17 miles, Dr. Gregg mentioned.

She mentioned the volcano in 2002 measured 4, a “massive” volcano on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, a scale used to measure the energy of an eruption by a number of components, resembling period, ash quantity and plume top. Mount Pinatubo within the Philippines in 1991 measured 6 on the index. Mount St. Helens in america in 1980 measured 5.

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