Martin Brundle grid walk brutality goes viral ahead of Monaco GP

Martin Brundle is no stranger to an awkward interaction during his infamous grid walk in the moments before a Grand Prix race.

And it was absolutely no different on Sunday night (AEST) ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

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While celebrities can be found on any grid, the streets of Monte Carlo bring out celebrities far and wide as the most famous race on the calendar rolls around.

Brundle engaged with sports stars and actors as he wandered through the crowd, but it was one interaction that unfolded with a security guard that stole the limelight.

Formula 1 icon goes viral with grid walk savagery

The Formula 1 icon spotted football megastar Kylian Mbappe and as he attempted to question the French legend he was stopped by a man walking alongside.

Brundle didn’t take kindly to the attempted herding by the individual as he delivered an ice-cold remark.

“It’s alright mate, I’m in charge around here,” Brundle said.

Mbappe clearly had no interest in stopping for a chat with the Sky Sports presenter as he looked to keep making his way down the grid.

But Brundle wasn’t going to have it as he fought his way past and around security before he eventually got a hold of Mbappe for a few brief questions.

The remark from Brundle and his relentlessness to not allow the sports star off the hook delighted Formula 1 fans who were watching on.

One user wrote: “Martin Brundle taking no crap from Kilian Mbappe’s self important pratt of a security man.”

A second wrote: “Brundle telling Mbappe’s guard that “I’m in charge here mate” was legendary.”

A third added: “Martin Brundle is actually my hero. The way he just brushed off that guard to get an interview with Mbappe.”

The latest incident joins an ever-growing list of grid walk moments that have taken the F1 world by storm.

Fans were left fuming ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix when Patrice Evra snubbed Brundle and walked out on a live interview.

While the incidents have been few and far between so far in 2024, the moments piled up throughout the 2023 season.

Fans were left in stitches at the US Grand Prix after he was forced to awkwardly wait his turn to speak to British boxer Anthony Joshua.

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Aussie rookie Oscar Piastri was dealt a brutal burn when the Sky Sports presenter bailed on him mid-answer.

In Miami it was three-time F1 champ Jackie Stewart who stole the limelight after he was almost manhandled during the grid walk shenanigans.

Hollywood power couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones won fans over with their classy interview ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

At the British Grand Prix it was musician Sam Ryder who drew widespread praise for his infectious banter while speaking with Brundle.

But the most famous incident of all also came at the British Grand Prix when Cara Delevingne was brutally roasted after snubbing Brundle.

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