Does Rachael Rollins still use a taxpayer-paid credit card? Massachusetts agencies won’t say

The DOJ says disgraced ex-prosecutor Rachael Rollins never used a taxpayer-funded credit card during her embarrassingly brief stint in the federal office — but it’s a mystery if that’s true today at her community college job.

Rollins works part-time for Roxbury Community College, earning $80,000 annually, but the Higher Ed office has refused to disclose whether she has a taxpayer-paid P-card, also known as a procurement card.

The feds, however, were quick to clear up any doubt.

“We conducted a search within (federal) Procurement Services Staff, which oversees the Department’s Purchase Card Program, and found no records responsive to your request,” John Thompson, deputy general counsel at the Department of Justice, told the Herald.

The Herald filed a public records request with both federal and state officials after a two-part report on Rollins’ exorbitant credit card expenditures during her time as Suffolk DA. Records of those bills show Rollins spent a total of $33,132 on her P-card as DA — all paid for by Suffolk County taxpayers.

The bills show she jetted off 18 times in her first year as DA, going to spas in Ireland and Virginia, staying in posh hotels and being a regular at the “stylish and elegant” Oceanaire Seafood Room in the Financial District, to name just a few of the restaurants she frequented.

According to the state Comptroller’s office, it was her job to police the use of office credit cards, including her own while being paid $190,999 as DA.

Rollins was the Suffolk district attorney from January 2019 until being sworn in as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts on Jan. 10, 2022 — with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. She resigned on May 19, 2023, following two scathing Department of Justice reports on her rocky tenure, where she was accused of trying to influence the outcome of the Suffolk DA’s race and attended a DNC fundraiser in Andover in a possible ethics violation.

The state Department of Higher Education has told the Herald “the Department is not in possession, custody, or control of any responsive records. Please be advised that if any such records exist, they would be maintained at the institutional level.”

They did confirm her salary at the community college is: “Annual Rate — $79,999.”

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