Justin Langer vists LSG masseuse’s house in slums of Mumbai, narrates story

LSG head coach Justin Langer has written about his eye-opening experience in India. Langer, who spent more than two months in the country has revealed that he visited the slums of Mumbai during the team’s final game in the Indian Premier League. In a column at The Nightly, Langer has revealed that he visited the house of LSG’s massage therapist Rajesh Chandrashekhar (RC).

Langer in his column maintained a tone of respect for Chandrashekhar and his family and said that he was amazed by the amount of love the family showed him despite not being in a good position financially.

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Langer described the story of the massage therapist and said that Chandrashekhar was a hard worker.

“RC told me that he lived in the slums of Mumbai and that he had earned a lucky break as a masseur for the local football (soccer) team. From there one thing led to another and that is how our paths now crossed,” Langer wrote in his column.

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The Australian head coach reminisced that he walked through narrow lanes to reach RC’s house and saw that the family of six members lived in a 4×5 meter room in Mumbai.

“During our breakfast, RC translated our conversations, and his family smiled, laughed, and made us feel so welcome. Their pride at having us in their home was tangible. All six of them were dressed neatly, and when it came time for photos RC’s parents put their arms around us and made us feel the same love we feel with our own family,” Langer described.

The former Australian batter and head coach finished his column by saying that he lived a life of extreme luxury and was aware of it as well. Langer concluded by saying that he took important learnings away from his trip.

“After a life of living what I would now define as extreme luxury, I was humbled like never before seeing how other human beings live their day-to-day lives. What struck me about our visit to RC’s house was that while they seemed to have nothing, they also had everything they really needed to be happy,” Justin Langer said summing up learnings from his short trip.

“Family and friends — call me simple — but these are pretty much the remedies for happiness, regardless of all the other stuff,” concluded Langer.

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May 28, 2024

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