Caltrans says work on Highway 1 Big Sur slides progress toward fall opening

BIG SUR – With an estimated late autumn full opening of Highway 1 from Carmel to Cambria on the horizon, Caltrans continues to make progress at three repair sites in Monterey County along the Big Sur coast.

Even with an 11-mile section of closed roadway in the repair zone where work continues seven days a week, the rest of Highway 1 on the Big Sur coast is open to unrestricted public access. Caltrans reminds travelers to take advantage of all Big Sur has to offer as those coming from the north can travel down as far as Lime Creek just pass Esalen Institute, and people coming from the south can travel up to as far as Limekiln State Park.

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Though repairs at the northernmost Dolan Point Slide – post mile 29.5 – are expected to be completed by early summer, it will not result in an adjustment to the turnaround point at Lime Creek. The slide, which activated on March 8, has seen a top-down removal of slide material and the reduction of rocks by blasting crews and double twist cable mesh has been installed along the face of the slope, according to Caltrans. Crews are working to connect the seams of dozens of 150-foot lengths of mesh which were lifted in place by helicopter. The mesh will add an additional layer of protection to the highway below the slope.

Regent’s Slide – post mile 27.8 – which Caltrans said was activated on March 9, started seeing top-down removal of slide material by crews on April 30, and is the last of the slides that will be completed due to its challenging conditions associated with the extreme slope at the site. Repairs are slated to be completed by late fall and will open up Highway 1 to direct travel between Carmel and Cambria.

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