Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern steps in to help after yoga crackdown

SAN DIEGO (FOX 5/KUSI) — Amidst the controversy over outdoor yoga sessions being banned in city parks, a solution has emerged from an unexpected source: Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, a local restaurant situated on the waterfront.

Nathan Coulon, Culinary Director at Jimmy’s, expressed enthusiasm for the arrangement, stating, “It’s a win for everybody. We get to do yoga here and it engages the property here and bring people in, so we are happy to do so.”

Coulon explained that upon hearing about the yoga ban, he glanced out of Jimmy’s window and noticed the green patch of grass by the water, leading to the realization that it could serve as an alternative yoga space.

“They come in and do their yoga and they are very happy and very respectful, and it works for everybody,” Coulon affirmed.

Yoga instructor Amy Baack echoed Coulon’s sentiments, praising the graciousness of Jimmy’s owners for providing the space.

“The owners reached out to me and generously offered this space and it’s beautiful. We still have a waterfront view and we get to practice on a private property,” Baack remarked.

Baack expressed relief that the days of being chased away from parks by rangers and the stress of obtaining permits were over.

“That’s part of why I live here was to be by the water and I know that is the case for most of us and that is to take advantage of the nature of San Diego,” she stated.

Already, the new yoga space is inspiring participants. Coulon humorously declared, “That’s my goal, I’m going to grow the man bun, have the abs, I’m ready for this,” while Baack described the arrangement as “as ideal of an outcome that we could’ve hope for.”

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