San Francisco bar offering drink special to ‘celebrate’ Trump’s guilty verdict

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As soon as news broke Thursday that former president Donald Trump had been convicted of 34 felony counts, San Francisco bar owner Mark DeVito jumped into action.

DeVito, who owns Standard Deviant Brewing in the Mission District, cooked up an idea to “celebrate” the guilty verdict with a drink special. Standard Deviant is selling liters of Steins Beer for just $10 apiece on Thursday and Friday.

The connection with Trump comes in that a liter is 33.8 ounces — when rounding up, it is 34 — the same number of felony counts that Trump was convicted of on Thursday.

DeVito has instructed his bartenders to fill the beers slightly over the liter line, so patrons will have 34 ounces of beer instead of just 33.8.

DeVito says Standard Deviant usually tried to stay out of politics “but here we are.”

Standard Deviant is located at 280 14th St. During football seasons, it plays host to the Baltimore Ravens fans across the Bay Area when the team is in action.

Other bars in the city have had the same idea as Standard Deviant. The Cinch in Nob Hill is offering $7 “orange menace” shots, which include vodka, orange juice and bitters.

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